Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Vlog!

Hey Babies! Not only am I not dead, I'm vlogging! I'm excited to set up the new year with videos and outfit posts and all that jazz. My schedule is intense this semester so the only way to deal with that is to micromanage. If I'm micromanaging I might as well work blogging in! Yay!

If you're into that thing make sure you like and subscribe! Already have several more in the works!. Well, have a beautiful day dolls.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Round Up November 2nd

Hey babies! What a week it's been! I saw a psychic (ha!) and screened a video and there was halloween! This weekend has been studying and writing and a little surprise you'll see later! I wanted to share some of my fav stuff with you this week. Let's go!

This amazing spooky cat! From Daily Cat Drawings

R.E. Parrish Comics

am I showing my age by admitting I remember these?

Anyone who tries to tell me Poodle Moth's aren't pokemon is lying

This coming week has a lot in store for me. The beginning of the week is my art history midterm (want to talk about Doric and Ionic architecture terms?) and then a philosophy paper. After that it's party time! I'm thinking of recording a vlog this week, any suggestions on what I should talk about? The end of the week should be party time! I can't wait to share more things I've made and maybe an outfit! Fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Things I Make Thursday

Hey babies! You may have noticed the style around here has changed. It's a work in progress, unfortunately I accidentally DELETED my old layout like a jerk. So we're transitioning here, mind the dust. So! School is such a humongous part of my life that I want to start sharing my work with you guys! Here is one of my projects that involved digital collaging. I think digital collage may be my new favorite thing to create

These were made with my own sims shots and photographs. I really love the idea of working in both the digital and real world. I want to make like 700 hundred of these and print them and paper my house. Is that too weird?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yarn Friends: Franny

Franny is my first yarn friend in ages. I had so much fun making her, I can't wait to make her 'boyfriend' Frankie. She's made with acrylic and felt and is available for purchase on my etsy.

I'm really excited to get back into crochet. I went way too long making only the things that I was required to make for a grade. This is so much more rewarding. Directed creativity is important, especially if a creative job is what you want to do with your life, but sometimes it's fun to just free for all it. I'm also excited to slowly start building my etsy. I'm thinking it will be half handmade half found items. Though I've been considering selling my photography prints, I'll probably set up something seperate for that. Anyone have any suggestions?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fatshion Friday Professional Wedding Guest - EShakti custom dress

AAH! I'm so excited I'm finally talking about this dress! After several weeks of family upheaval all my ducks are finally in a row. So a while back I got an email from EShakti offering to send me a dress to try. They offer dresses in a HUGE range of sizes (you can get it custom made to your dimensions as well) and they give you customization options! I had the neckline and hem length changed on the dress to fit my heigh better.

I've heard a lot of mixed things about EShakti so I was hugely curious. The shipping WAS a bit slow but the dress is awesome. It fit really well and didn't feel cheaply made at all, plus it has pockets. The dress doesn't seem to be on the website anymore but they have some amazing other options most noticeably this JACKET (OMG!). Full disclosure, I got this dress for free but it's definitely worth the money, it was the perfect party dress for a day wedding. Quick Recap of what I loved and didn't.


  • The detail on this dress is nice, the flowers along the neckline and hem are pretty
  • the color was gorgeous in person
  • I ordered a stock size and it fit like a dream
  • Custom length meant it didn't turn into a granny dress
  • I got a ton of compliments on it

Didn't Love:

  • It did take a really long time, that's the over worst thing I've heard about the company is how long it takes.
  • My dress had a lot of little loose threads that I had to snip
  • The dress is hand wash only which is a bit of a pain

You can check out eshakti all over the web including their twitter, pinterest, and facebook. I'd love to hear your own buying experiences with them.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Around Campus!

This is my 300th blogpost, can you believe it? I'm excited this post is being used to show you some show I took from around the school. I've been completely in love with this campus since I got here. The buildings are all so different and interesting.

As the semester passes I want to be able to show more pictures from around Midtown. Detroit is full of so many details it's easy to miss if you aren't looking. I've been trying to concentrate on looking at the things around me. I get so overwhelmed sometimes I miss out on what's really interesting.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fatshion Friday - Actual School Cool

The other day I posted my dream school outfit, so here's one of my actual school outfits. It's all about comfort and ease of walking/climbing stairs when I go to school. I sort of hate that it's getting cold so early, but I'm really stoked to wear my jean jacket. ESPECIALLY with that amazing Sailor Senshi patch! I'm also super into that sort of wrap shirt I was wearing under it. It's by Te Verde and I got it from Von Maur. You can't really tell in the picture but it buttons at the shoulders, so it gives a sort of bandit vibe, without all nearly dying, which honestly is something I look for in clothing.

Looking at my clothes change over the years is so weird. Do you do that? I think people who share outfit pics have a sort of unique perspective as I have a lot of documentation of my clothing for the past 2/3 years. I've never been one of those bloggers who don't actually wear the clothes I post. 99% of the time the outfit I share is the outfit I wore that day, or on occasion the next day. I'm thinking it might be fun to make a little collection of fashion progression (regression?) and see what it looks like!