Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wish I Wore: Girls Night

Girls Night

I think there might be nothing I enjoy more then spending a night with the girls. For us that usually means dinner (buffett?) and shopping! I need an outfit that is going to be super comfortable when I inevitably eat too much delicious food. I actually already own those jeans and love them, I wear em to work all the time. The tunic is one of a series that modcloth has, they all look so airy and comfy, I'm dying to get one!

What do you guys do for your night out with friends? Is it dinner or shopping or do you hit the club?


Monday, July 21, 2014

Ladies Night! The Green Brain Girl Party

This weekend was full to bursting with fun things! Saturday night was the now annual Green Brain Comics girl party! This wonderful event is made to help encourage women to get to the store and check out new books. There was a selection of lady fronted comics to check out, as well as a raffle, snacks and button making! I love this event, I wish it could be monthly!

If you live in the Metro Detroit area and you're a lady then Green Brain is a store you need to check out. There are so many times I've been in there and girls out number men. The staff is so incredibly nice and helpful and if you don't know where the start with comics they have some great insights. When I started going in there two years ago I only knew that I wanted to read Hawkeye. Now my pull box is always full of something, and none of it is Hawkeye. Comics have been such a wonderful part of my life now, and I owe a lot of that to these people. Thank you Green Brain! See you Wednesday!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dreaming of Satchels - Cambridge Satchel Company

Do you ever become so obsessed with something you can think of little else? It that something ever an item of clothing? I hope so! Otherwise I think I might have a problem. You see, I've become totally 100% obsessed with the Cambridge Satchel Companies seasonal colours bag (for men, but who cares).

what may have been my reaction to discovering it came in dark green now

I've wanted one of these bags for ages. A girl at school had one that just felt amazing and sturdy. I'm totally having fantasies of me walking to class with this bag and feeling tre cool. In reality it will be me running to class with unbrushed hair and probably coffee on my shirt but who cares! A girl can dream right?

Do any of you have a cambridge satchel company bag? What do you think?


Monday, July 14, 2014

Detroit Fatshion Exchange!

Let's talk about something near and dear to my hearts babes! This weekend is the first ever Detroit Fatshion Exchange! If you're like me you probably have a bunch of clothes sitting around that you never wear anymore. Wouldn't it be fun to refresh your wardrobe without spending a bunch of money? Here's your chance! This Saturday the Trumbullplex is graciously hosting us while we put a plus size clothing swap!

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking 'but the drop off date has passed Sarah! What now?'. Don't worry so much babe, you can email me at scshackleford[at] and we can work things out. Totally can't drop off clothes until the day of? We can handle that too! We've got a small team of totally amazing people to help out! I bet you're wondering where the Trumbullplex is, well I've got you covered there too!

4210 Trumbull
Detroit, Mi

See it on a map!

I totally can't wait for this, it's been a dream for ages and it's finally happening. I'm hoping we can turn this into something really special for the rad ladies in this area. So if you live in the michigan/ohio region and want to be part of this totally amazing event drop me a line!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekly Roundup 7/6-7/13

This amazing print by Lissy Marlin

My friend makes the most amazing jewelry. Check out her shop!The Only Ship

Aaah Frank! By MVHV

Daniel Radcliffe might be my favorite human being.

This week has been so fun! I hope you guys had a great week and have fun things coming up. I'm really looking forward to some resting though! Lately it's felt like I've been go go go. I'd like a little time to just unwind and clean my house!

This week I posted about ...
Link Love: 
  • This baby dance party lifts my heart so much. I want to wake up every morning to cute babies having a dance party for me.
  • These kids photographed in adult poses is so sweet but also sad to me? I can't really explain it.
  • Rad Fat Vegan has an awesome post on Freezer Smoothie Packs. I need to start doing this! I love smoothies but I am generally much too lazy to make them daily. This would help me so much!


Friday, July 11, 2014

Fatshion Friday - Movie Date!

It feels like 84 years since the last time I posted a fatshion friday! That obvi needs to change, and what better way than with this crazy cute dress I got at the bananas Macy's in new york! The brand is Maison Jules, which I hadn't seen before but you know I'll be looking for again. I got the sandals there as well, apparently I had already been coveting them and forgot because I definitely sent a link to them to Bethany! It must have been fate that I found them again.

I'm wearing this outfit tonight on my movie date. The fella and I are going to see Vertigo! It's one I haven't seen before and I'm really excited to see a classic like that in the theatre. We're lucky enough to have a local theatre that always plays classic movies and at a super cheap price. This summer they've been playing Hitchcock classics. I'm a little bummed we missed 'The Birds' but I bet Vertigo will be awesome! It's going to be an exciting weekend, Saturday I'm heading to Cleveland for a little family photo shoot and to visit my favorite plus size shop Re/Dress.

What are you guys up to? Big plans? Doesn't it feel like summer is just rushing by!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wish I Wore: Summer Music Festival

Wish I Wore: Summer Concert

Over the Airwaves Shirt / Forever 21 jean shorts / Garden Consulation Sandals / Hello, Good Buyer Bag / Emi Jay elastic hair tie / Forever 21 round sunglasses / Hand with golden arrow necklace

The other day Brenna and I went to see Fall Out Boy and Paramore at an outdoor venue. I always think I'm going to like outdoor summer concerts but I almost never do. You know what I do love though? Summer concert fashion. I like going to outdoor events in general. Heck the concert was a lot of fun, it was mostly just the parking that was such a mess!

The thing I like about this outfit is that it's nice and breezy and easy. I always have to bring a little bag with me for keys and lipgloss. I also got my first pair of birkenstocks last month and I'm totally in love! They are intense when you first start wearing them, but after a little time they become the most comfortable shoes ever!

Do you have any festival outdoor plans for the summer? Street fair season is on now, I love getting a funnel cake and looking at all the wonderful art!

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